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Uniting Body, Mind, and Spirit Through Art Education (No. 343)


Uniting Body, Mind, and Spirit Through Art Education: A Guide for Holistic Teaching in Middle and High School empowers art learners to have experiences that engage the spirit along with the body and the mind in deeper ways of seeing, being, and relating in the world. This timely resource, written to support both the veteran educator and the preservice teacher, addresses holistic teaching, as well as the purpose, place, and power of art. Experienced practitioner Jane K. Bates shares her own journey as an art educator, by providing examples for anyone wishing to explore a body/mind/spirit approach to teaching art.


It invites art educators: to consider why they are teaching, whom they are teaching, and toward what end; to develop practices that address the characteristics of the learner as well as the content of the subject; and to seek ways to guide learners into deep, meaningful, artful engagement in life—through art.


288 pap. (2020). ISBN 978-1-890160-72-2


“This book offers an insightful and comprehensive perspective on holistic education and its implementation in curricula from middle school and beyond. The extensive research on the topic and sample experiences from the classroom make it an invaluable text for art educators at all levels.”
—Laurel H. Campbell, Associate Professor, Director of Art Education, Department of Art and Design, College of Visual and Performing Arts, Purdue University Co-Editor, The Heart of Art Education: Holistic Approaches to Creativity, Integration, and Transformation


“Travel with Jane Bates as her learner-centered philosophy and direction for teaching evolved over years into a holistic approach, one which promotes growth of the whole learner—body, mind and spirit—through engagement in art. Grounded historically and situated within contemporary theory, [this book] begins with a model for holistic art education, eventually taking you into secondary classrooms to meet students, problems they have been given, work they produced, and their own reflections on process and personal meaning. Bates illustrates how teachers can motivate students to look within as well as without. As a text for developing as well as experienced art educators, Uniting Body, Mind, and Spirit Through Art Education offers a well-written and comprehensive view of art education that includes ample advice for teachers as well as examples of best practices. It is written with the spirit Bates wishes to inspire: a holistic, learner-centered, studio-based, and globally-informed thematic approach that ‘addresses body/mind/spirit expression both within the learner and on a broader cultural level’ so that students will ‘feel themselves as part of a greater whole; relate in sensitive, moral, empathetic ways; and live mindfully in the world.’”
—Karen Lee Carroll, Dean Emeritus, Center for Art Education, Florence Gaskins Harper Endowed Chair in Art Education, Maryland Institute College of Art


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