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Disciplining Eros: (homo)Sexuality Subjects Explored Through Art Education (No. 334)
James H. Sanders, III


Disciplining Eros encourages art educators to be supportive of all students—not only those within a presumed heterosexual majority—by thinking with them through the shifting contexts that have given rise to this book. Relevant to classroom and preservice educators, those in college and university settings, and those delivering art education services to the public at large across a range of cultural institutions, it offers valuable resources and ways of thinking through history, policy, and practice. Based on a decade of research, this book aims to open up spaces where self-identified heterosexual educators, policy makers, and artists could begin to consider how they too might take up the important work of addressing LGBTQ concerns in their institutions and across their fields of influence.


The first section of Disciplining Eros considers how LGBTQ topics have been historically framed within NAEA since the subject’s first introduction as an issue within the field. The second contemplates how sexuality subjects have been considered in school settings and have been shaped in response to school system policies and state and federal laws. The last section wrestles with how sexuality subjects are being addressed in higher education settings today and could be addressed in the future. Throughout the book, individual chapters are interrupted by concrete illustrations of how North American college students have explored their sexualities through artmaking and historic reflections.


“Sanders has created a substantial and challenging gift to our field in the form of a comprehensive analysis of the past, present, and future of art education as it relates to the lives of LGBTQ+ people and those who will teach them. This impressive text… should be read by anyone who has a part in the preparation of preservice teachers, historical or policy-based research interests, and/or a concern for art education and equality for all people.”
—Kim Cosier, Professor of Art Education, Peck School of the Arts, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


224 pp. (2018). ISBN 978-1-890160-68-5


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