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Transforming Our Practices: Indigenous Art, Pedagogies, and Philosophies (No. 335)
Christine Ballengee Morris and Kryssi Staikidis, Editors


In a field with the unique mission of helping budding artists, teachers, students, and researchers embrace all ways of knowing, what might we learn from Indigenous research, pedagogy, and contemporary art practices? And how might educators approach Native cultures differently if contemporary Native artists were studied as agents of social change with important stories to tell, if research was seen as a connecting and emancipatory practice, and teaching as holistic and egalitarian?


Transforming Our Practices addresses these questions through a blend of voices and experiences, creating a resource that has not been present in the field of art education. Indigenous and non-Indigenous authors explore Indigenous research methods, pedagogy, and contemporary art studio practices—providing a reference, a model, and a spiritual source for educators who wish to expand their knowledge about Native ways of knowing, artistic practices, and philosophies.


Chapters in three major sections, each with a lead essay and a separate focus—Indigenous Research, Indigenous Pedagogy, and Indigenous Contemporary Studio Practices—illustrate the application of the methods and philosophies presented in each section through case studies, curricular examples, and classroom practices. Ideas related to studio practice are integrated as inseparable from teaching and research. This exploration of new artistic and scholarly terrains, filtered by Indigenous perspectives, creates a space for sharing conversations and for learning truths and wisdom through the ideas of Native artists, researchers, and educators.


248 pp. (2017). ISBN 978-1-890160-69-2


“These artists, along with their artwork, can act as a catalyst for in-depth analysis and thoughtful reflection to provide portals for sometimes difficult, but revealing conversations.”
—Steve Willis, Professor and Coordinator of Undergraduate and Graduate Art Education, Missouri State University


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