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Exploration of Virtual Worlds: New Digital Multi-Media Literacy Investigations for Art Education (No. 329)


Exploration in Virtual Worlds explores current pedagogical efforts of virtual world teaching and discovers potentials for art instruction through virtual worlds in unique ways and to diverse audiences. This anthology includes conceptual explorations and virtual art world examples in higher education—with children, senior citizens, alternative audiences, and in different countries. It also features museum education outreach, holistic assessments, pros and cons, and future directions and concerns. With over 60 online virtual worlds and 400 universities offering courses, these sites offer tremendous opportunities for artistic teaching and learning. Intended to meet the needs of art teachers at all levels as well as international markets, Exploration in Virtual Worlds examines the concept and goals of digital literacy and virtual worlds, gives a short history of the impact of virtual worlds, and offers contemporary types and future trends for virtual worlds and art education.


168 pgs. (2014) ISBN 978-1-890160-63-0


“Virtual worlds are ideally suited for identity play because they provide such a wide variety of self-illustrative resources…. EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY IS NOT A WAY OF THE FUTURE; IT IS THE WAY CHILDREN ARE LEARNING NOW.”
—Jenny Evans, former art teacher; doctoral candidate, Education Department, Exeter University, England


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