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Teaching Asian Art: Content, Context, and Pedagogy (No. 314)


Teaching Asian Art provides American art teachers with cultural insights and historical/spiritual perspectives through lessons inspired by Asian art, allowing them to make meaningful connections across the curriculum. The authors include prominent American, Asian, and international scholars and educators who either have first-hand knowledge of, or are cultural insiders of, the respective Asian artistic practice that each chapter explores. Designed primarily for those seeking to expand their students’ knowledge of Asian art, this unique collection also provides a resource for in-service art teachers who desire to enhance and enrich their multicultural art curricula. It serves as a comprehensive reference text for college students taking courses in Asian art appreciation/history and non-Western art. University faculty from other disciplines who are interested in Asian studies and Asian aesthetics, or who are teaching multicultural art education or Asian art history/appreciation courses, will also find this book beneficial. Read the review featured in the International Journal of Education Through Art.


246 pgs. (2012) ISBN 978-1-890160-52-4


“The East Asian tradition opens up such WAYS OF CONSIDERING ART AND ARTMAKING THAT PROFITABLY CHALLENGE STUDENTS’ ASSUMPTIONS, directed toward the art not only of that region but sometimes, just as important, of the familiar West.“
—Richard Bullen, Senior Lecturer in Art History and Theory, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand


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