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The Museum Experience:The Discovery of Meaning (No. 310)
How can museum educators continually rethink­ what approaches to exhibition and education stimulate the most meaningful experiences and relevant connections for each visitor?
The Museum Experience both asks and answers this and other questions with the aim of providing insights into how to shape more “user-friendly” museum practices that offer refreshing opportunities for observation, reflective thinking, and creative discovery. This book serves as an introductory textbook for understanding the educational role of art museums, varying contexts in which art is viewed, relevance of aesthetic experience, and strategies to help visitors understand a work of art. Chapters conclude with “Implications for Practice” to aid in creating more meaningful experiences for visitors of all ages, genders, and cultures. This book can help K-12 educators learn to collaborate on learning projects with art museums in their communities.
106 pgs. (2010) ISBN 978-1-890160-46-3

“An invaluable resource for all 21st-century art educators within museum and school settings. PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS THROUGHOUT THE BOOK HELP ENHANCE SIGNIFICANT AND RELEVANT ART EXPERIENCES NEEDED by all learners in our Visual Age.“
—Renee Sandell, Professor, Art Education, School of Art, George Mason University

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