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Why Our Schools Need the Arts (No. 302)


What would happen if we were allowed to embrace the arts and not have to apologize for it? This pioneering work dares to chart a new path—one that stops justifying the arts as useful in teaching “core” subjects, and argues instead for the powerful lessons the arts can provide students. Davis is a cognitive developmental psychologist and founder of the Arts in Education Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She provides a set of principles and tools for arts advocates and instructors already working to secure a strong place for the arts in education, and reaches out to those who care deeply about education but have yet to consider what the arts uniquely provide. She acknowledges and respects those who advocate for testing to provide assurance that students are learning as well as those who want students to have knowledge and experience that defies measurement and encourages thinking “outside the box” of standardized curriculum. Co-published with Teachers College Press.


150 pgs. (2008) ISBN 0-80774834-3


“Equips educators and advocates alike with a rich vocabulary and clear examples of HOW TO TEACH AND HOW TO MAKE THE CASE for the essential and unique place of the arts in the school curriculum.“
—Richard J. Deasy, Director, Arts Education Partnership, Washington, DC


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