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Matter Matters: Art Education and Material Culture Studies (No. 299)


In recent years, there has been increased discussion regarding the study of material culture within art education, yet more conversation about the collaborative alignment of these areas needs to occur. This book provides a forum and focal point for such exchange. Seventeen chapters address theoretical and practical issues, ideas, and questions related to the study of and teaching about a wide range of objects and expressions in our contemporary world. The readership of this book within art education includes those working in higher education, K-12 art teachers, preservice art teachers, graduate students in art education, museum educators, and art educators working in community-based settings. The audience outside art education includes, but is not limited to, individuals active in museum studies, anthropology, American Studies, folklore, popular culture, media studies, history, art history, and curriculum development and classroom instruction within various subject areas. Matter Matters provides readers with theoretical perspectives and practical instructional ideas related to teaching about and through objects and expressions from the surrounding world. The book is divided into two primary sections: Theoretical Perspectives on Material Culture and Art Education, and Practical Application of Material Culture Studies within Art Education.


170 pp. (2011). ISBN 978-1-890160-51-7


“The essays in this collection eloquently demonstrate that art education and material culture, when considered together, offer rich opportunities to think in new ways about the promise of art education in late modernity. Matter Matters succeeds not only as an introductory text to this topic, but also as a sophisticated analysis of how individuals interact with and create the objects that come to define, shape, enable, and limit their own becoming in time and place. “
—Dónal O’Donoghue, Associate Professor and Chair of Art Education
The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada


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