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Interdisciplinary Art Education: Building Bridges to Connect Disciplines and Cultures (No. 243)


This book is about interdisciplinary approaches to art education. The concept of interdisciplinary learning is one that should be scrutinized closely and research and practical applications are needed to inform the field about best practices. This book contains both theoretical concepts and practical suggestions for curriculum construction and assessment for interdisciplinary education that incorporate the visual arts as good and worthwhile, while at the same time, proposing ways in which art can be integrated holistically with other subjects. In addition, there are a variety of research methodologies found in the different chapters and a range of subjects, such as science, social studies, anthropology, and the performing arts, for which interdisciplinary concepts have been applied effectively and appear to be coherent, complete, and appropriate. All those who anticipate incorporating interdisciplinary practices into their school reform efforts should consider examples found in this book, about how to keep the integrity of art education theory and practice and at the same time construct new ways of reconfiguring the field of art education.


243 pgs. (2005) ISBN 1-890160-31-8


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