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Art, Culture, and Ethnicity - 2nd Edition (No. 205)


Groundbreaking when first published in 1990, Art, Culture, and Ethnicity has been updated and expanded to reflect today’s changing cultural landscape and global consciousness about issues such as immigration and the assimilation of and contributions by racial and ethnic minorities to visual culture. Leading art educators provide new research in the field and discuss and explore examples from diverse groups including Mexican, Latin American, African, Islamic, and Native American. Issues covered include: messages movies convey about immigration; how teaching Native American Indigenous arts can stir debate but lead to greater understanding; the challenge of explaining Muslim reluctance toward figural art images; the definition of Africentricity and how it impacts today’s culture and education; and the contributions of digitally mediated visual culture as introduced into a traditional art education environment.


180 pgs. (2011) ISBN 978-1-890160-50-0


“Given the globalization phenomenon that has evolved since the mid-19th century, and emerging interest in world culture, this is must reading for educators in general, and arts educators in particular. … NEW PARADIGMS FOR READERS INTERESTED IN ADDRESSING ART, CULTURE, AND ETHNICITY.”
— Dr. Mac Arthur Goodwin, Former NAEA President, Executive Director, Goodwin’s Arts Consulting, PC, Columbia, SC


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